Cutting through all the noise

Cutting through all the noise

Art Hogan, Director of Equity Research & Chief Market Strategist

"There’s a lot of information out there. We help you make sense out of it." 

Turn on CNBC or Bloomberg, read through the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times, and you are likely to come across a familiar face and name – that of Wunderlich’s Director of Research and Chief Market Strategist Art Hogan. Art is one of the most sought after market experts of every top financial news media outlet, likely for his uncanny ability to distill volumes of market news and data into a clear-eyed and easily understood view.

Art has been a fixture on Wall Street for years, so when Wunderlich founder and CEO Gary Wunderlich invited him to Memphis to discuss joining the firm, he wondered if it would be a good fit for either of them.

“The first thing I was struck by was the environment there,” says Art, whose distinguished career spans more than three decades. “Every firm talks about a family atmosphere, but Wunderlich truly has it, especially when it comes to the financial advisors.”

In the end, the decision to join was an easy one for Art, who today leads a team of award-winning research analyst covering over 250 companies in some of the most dynamic sectors of our economy. And you won’t find another Chief Market Strategist as willing to meet with advisors and clients, by phone and in person, to discuss market trends, warning signs and opportunities.

“We’re here to serve the advisors, and that includes being as accessible as possible,” says Art. “You simply won’t find that level of commitment at other firms.”

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