Total independence, with a firm’s full support

Total independence, with a firm’s full support

Mike Zawatsky, Independent Financial Advisor

"They offer the independent advisor everything they offer their own advisors. That’s very rare in our business."

Mike Zawatsky is a second-generation advisor with a wirehouse background. He loved the technology and product platform at his disposal, but he developed a strong dislike for the wirehouse culture. So, he and his manager joined a regional firm, where they both found the culture more to their liking, though the resources somewhat diminished. Then came the acquisitions, and soon Mike didn’t even recognize his firm anymore. He knew it was time to take control of his own destiny.

“I enjoy being an entrepreneur and wanted to run my business my way,” says Mike. “The Wunderlich Independent Network, and David Claibourne especially, really get what an independent advisor needs and wants. And when I met Gary and Philip and learned that they, too, were advisors, I knew that this firm was special.”

More important, Mike is doing more business today than ever before, and with the technology available at Wunderlich and support he gets through the WIN Desk, he says he doesn’t miss those wirehouse days at all.

“I’m a huge proponent of the First Clearing platform and the technology here at Wunderlich is everything you need,” says Mike. “Maybe the best part is knowing that if I have an issue, technology or otherwise, I have a dedicated team at the WIN desk ready to resolve it. Wunderlich is simply the best firm for an independent advisor.”

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