The advisors’ advocate

The advisors’ advocate

Matthew Sligh, Director, Professional Development

"We are committed to the well-being of the advisor.

Matt Sligh joined Wunderlich for the same reason most of our advisors did: he wanted to help build a firm that’s run for advisors by advisors. His experience with other firms, and the resources they seem to favor, showed him that many people in his position at other firms have never established and maintained relationships with actual clients. Advisor support is more of an academic exercise for them. Matt wants to put his field experience to work for Wunderlich advisors.

" This is an exciting time at Wunderlich. We are growing, and the right advisors can participate in that growth,” says Matt. “We are all focused on creating and maintaining a culture where the advisor knows the firm has his or her best interest at heart, and is looking out for the well-being of the client. We love our work. This is our firm, and we set the direction, guided by the needs of our clients and our advisors.”

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