A firm for the advisor

A firm for the advisor

Gary Wunderlich, Founder & CEO

"For more than 20 years now, our firm has held fast to one guiding principle: always keep our clients’ best interests our primary focus." 

Wunderlich was founded in response to what Gary and his partners were seeing in the industry – a lack of options for the success-minded advisor looking for a firm that fosters independence and entrepreneurialism. For Gary, it also meant working at a place where integrity, respect and opportunity knew no limitations.

“We started this firm with the simple goal of treating our advisors, and their clients, the same way we ourselves would want to be treated,” says Gary.

Today, Wunderlich manages over $10 billion in client assets and employs approximately 450 professionals in 17 states. And at the center of all of that is the advisor.

“We have a fantastic team here, from senior management to advisor support to back-office operations,” says Gary. “We are strong, stable, with ample room for growth and a very bright future.”

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