Independence, in every sense of the word

Independence, in every sense of the word

David Claibourne, Director, Wunderlich Independent Network

"Our independent advisors have access to all the resources of our PCG advisors – at no cost to them. Most firms just don’t offer that.

David Claibourne heads up our Wunderlich Independent Network, a program dedicated to serving the unique, and often individualized, needs of our independent advisor partners. His team of support experts – a group of seasoned industry professionals with years of experience working with independent advisors and teams – take the time to get to know the advisors they work with and understand their preferences. Their mission is not only to be responsive to our independent advisors’ needs, but in many cases be proactive.

“I think what most advisors take away from a visit to our firm is just how much we respect the independent advisor,” says David. “We don’t want just any advisor to partner with. We look for experienced advisors who value their independence and want to partner with us to build something great.”

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