The WIN Desk 

The WIN Desk

Dedicated to supporting your independence 

We hear the same thing from almost all of the independent advisors we talk to. Most firms, especially the wirehouses, simply don’t give them the attention they deserve. When they call the home office with a problem, they are given a number and told to wait for a call back. More often than not, they are forced to deal with issues on their own.

You’ll never be a number at the WIN Desk.

The WIN Desk is a team of licensed professionals with decades of industry and independent advisor support experience whose sole function is supporting the Wunderlich independent advisor.

This is no call center. It is a full-time staff of talented individuals who stand ready to give you immediate, personalized support and service. Think of it as an extension of your business in the heart of our home office.

The WIN Desk gets to know you personally and learn how you like to run your business. They even get to know the names of your clients, their particular needs and preferences, so they can be called upon when needed to serve your clients just the way you would.

Here, you won’t waste time trying to figure out who to call to get the answers you need. If the WIN team doesn’t already know the answer, they’ll contact the appropriate internal resource or liaison with First Clearing to resolve any issue, leaving you more time to spend with clients and growing your business.

The WIN Desk is just one more reason why Wunderlich is the right firm for independent advisors.

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