Dominick & Dominick Division

In 2015, Dominick & Dominick set a new course for the future with the decision to become a division of Wunderlich Wealth Management in order to serve the financial needs of its clients well into the future.

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Dominick & Dominick offices are located in New York CityMiami and Basel, Switzerland.

Dominick & Dominick Historical Overview:

  • Dominick & Dominick’s storied history on Wall Street began 150 years ago and spans more than a century of significant world events, market cycles and industry trends.
  • Formed in 1870 as Dominick & Dickerman, the firm began as a partnership between NYSE members William Gayer Dominick and Watson Bradley Dickerman. The firm was renamed Dominick & Dominick before the turn of the century when Watson Dickerman left to become president of the New York Exchange.
  • The firm was able to survive the 1929 market crash and, in 1936, effected a merger with A. Iselin & Company, a Swiss investment banking company.
  • During the 1940s, many of D&D’s employees left their careers for military service. After the war, the U.S. economy was poised for expansion and D&D grew in step. In 1964, the firm incorporated after almost a century as a partnership and began to focus on developing a nationwide retail sales capability.
  • The firm began the 21st century as a wealth management boutique – a focus that is carried forward today in the newly formed Dominick & Dominick division of Wunderlich Wealth Management.